Software testing is confronted with so many changes as the data size is growing and the quality of the process is also changing. Continuous testing and the amount of data demand for the different technology for the testing. Different tools like kobiton, froglogic, seetest, KMAX, Appium, Robotium, selendroid, monkeyrunner, calabash, frank, KIF, moneytalk, testdroid, and appium studio are some of the tools for the mobile testing which evolved in the year 2018. Let me discuss in detail about the Transformation in the testing job as of 2018. The knowledge derived from Mobile Testing Training is helpful to clear the interviews.

Internet of Things and testing

The devices are connected through the internet and thus the hardware in the device is controlled by the software with cloud technology. As the devices are connected it is important to check the security of the devices to save the data from the hacker’s community. As per the report from HP 70 per cent of the devices which are connected through IOT are focused on the security issues.

Agile methodology and testing

The division of work with the collaboration among the small teams improves the user experience. As testing is more about the design and the user experience modern practices bring in a lot of changes. Conventional methods are not beneficial in the testing field and in agile methodology testing forms the part of the development process. The agile technology improves the readability and continuation in the process of the testing. As the process is continuous and readable it is responsive to the technological changes in the mobile development and testing. Mobile Application Training in Chennai is the best course to explore the latest technology.

DevOps and testing

DevOps is a term used to bring coordination between development and operations. DevOps is about technical aspect and the organizational structure. More organizations are adopting the DevOps principles as its emphasis on the automation and the development.

Big data and testing

The digital era enhances the data and the data size is terabytes now. The approach for testing is changing and the data testing is now big data testing. A large set of data is not fixed to the traditional computing system and thus new methodology for testing is the demand in the market. To know about the automation tools join the Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai.

Mobile is dominating the world

Testing mobile phone is a difficult task than testing websites as the OS and software run on a single app. The time and cost are really important in the case of mobile app testing.

The API and testing

This is the method of developing the software to test under a different scenario. This software is used to make changes in the particular area frequently and it makes the process easy as there is no need to test the whole system.

Open source tool

Using open source tool is easy to design and implement the automation process. Using a tool for automation is a secure way to do the testing. Software testing professionals with experience can join the Mobile Testing Training in Chennai to explore in the testing field.


Mobile is highly used for shopping, studying, cooking, learning exercise and reading information in this modern world. The usage of mobile is comparatively high than TV or desktop in the modern days. Testing is integrated with the cloud as it is connected to a virtual private network. The data or the code need to be tested in a secure environment. So, these quality checks give rise to the modernization in testing.

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