Nearly after three years of the release of Java 8, the next version is just around the corner to hit the technology industry. You may have been heard about the module system of Java 9, but there are even more interesting facts about this latest version. More about this version are discussed in Java Training in Chennai. Given below are some of the latest new characteristic of Java 9.

Java the Platform module system

Java 9 has the defining feature in its all-new module system. Codebases become in large number, creating “spaghetti code” rises exponentially. The main two fundamental problems are: it is truly hard to encapsulate code when there is a notion of explicit dependencies in a system. Each and every public class can be accessed by other public classes on the classpath.

Usually, Modular files contain additional module descriptor, in this module, the dependencies are expressed through the require statements. All the non-export packages are enclosed by default. Both modules have packages which are not exported. By enclosing JDK internal classes, this platform secure and evolving it much easier. You can learn more about this in Java Course in Chennai.


New possibilities arise when you have modules with explicit dependencies. Now your application modules state their dependencies on other application modules. In Java 9 instead of shipping your app with fully loaded JDK, you make a minimal runtime picture for your application.

JShell: the interactive Java REPL

Languages have already featured Read-Eval-Print-Loop joins the club. It can be launched and directly start executing on Java code. JShell makes it a great tool for exploring and trying out of new language features.

Collection factory methods

If you want to create collections in your code, this leads to repetitive code followed by several ‘add’ calls. To make your work easier Java 9 has added several so-called factories methods. Learn with the Best Java Training in Chennai.

Stream API improvements

The Stream API is one of the improbable best Java standards in a long time. This makes you create declarative pipelines of transformations on collections. This is one of the best features in Java 9. The four new methods added to stream interface: takeWhile, ofNullable, dropWhile.

Private interface methods

An interface can contain behaviour instead of method signatures. Java 8 has default methods on interfaces. But default methods can’t be private. Generating another default method with shared code can’t be the solution. In Java 9 to solve this problem, you can add private helper methods to interfaces.


The most interesting feature of Java 9 is the way of performing HTTP calls. The replacement of ‘HTTPURLConnection’ APL supports WebSockets and HTTP/2. In Java 9 the HttpClient API is delivered as a so-called_incubator module.

Multi-release JARs

The Multi-release JAR is good news for library maintainers. In the other versions of Java, it takes years for users to switch over to the latest versions. This effectively doesn’t make use of the new feature of Java 9 in your library, but fortunately, the multi-release JAR allows generating alternative versions of classes which are used while running on a specific version. Java 9 can this multi-release JAR feature. It uses java versions.

As you can see the various wide arrays of features given about Java 9, get ready to join Java Course in Chennai.

Java Training

The Java 9 version has the most interesting feature. Get clear with the latest new characteristic of Java 9!

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