Javascript is evolving in the market for almost 25 years and it can be used along with HTML and CSS. Javascript is used for functional websites and hence it is used in financial services and healthcare industry. As the web application is used for both the desktop and mobile phones the demand for javascript is increasing tremendously. 3 million devices around the world are using javascript. Devices like smartphones, desktops, ATMs, medical devices, and kindles use the javascript technology. Java uses the Java virtual machine whereas JavaScript uses the web browser to operate. So, JavaScript is highly suitable for the IoT devices and cloud technology as it communicates with the internet and other devices. In this blog, we have bought a few guide to how JavaScript improves your website performance. Some of the other scripting languages are VB script, Python, Ruby, and MRI. The difference between the scripting language and the programming language is programming language requires three steps like save the code, compile the code then run the code whereas the scripting language requires only two steps such as save the code and run the code. Let me discuss in detail about the reasons to say that javascript is the best scripting language. Join Java Training in Chennai to know more about Javascript language.

Reasons why Javascript holds the best scripting language tag:

Other frameworks:

JavaScript uses frameworks like Angular JS, Backbone JS, Durandal js, and Node JS. These frameworks are used to make the process of backend and the data management easy. Java Course in Chennai is the right place to learn app development for beginners.

Game development:

As JavaScript communicates with the web browser for the desktop applications and mobile application it is easy to design a game using the Javascript language. Javascript 3D library is good for the 3D games whereas pixiJSV4 is good for the 2D games. Javascript has an astonishing number of libraries for the game development, join Java Training Institute in Chennai for web and app development.

Visual designs:

Javascript is used to create animation designs. Libraries like Anime.js, Mo.js, velocity, pop motion, Vivus, Greensock JS, and scroll reveal are some of the libraries used for animation. Best Java Training Institute in Chennai provides practical oriented in-depth training.

Popular technologies:

Javascript, SQL, Java, C#, PHP, Python, C++, C Node Js, Angular Js, Ruby, and Objective-C are some of the famous technologies used.

Free tool:

Javascript is a free tool and the only requirement is the code editor and the internet to install the tool.


Learning Javascript is easy as the syntax is straightforward. Javascript is the foundational language for the other language.


Javascript is a client-side language and easy language to learn. Javascript is fast and it is an event-based programming language. It is fast as the bytes from the server to the browser are few in numbers. The changes in the UI can be changed easily without any additional communication with the server. is also used for front-end functions like drop and drag but it is not the best front-end technology as like javascript. There are so many front-end technologies like Javascript, HTML5, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Rails. Javascript is the best platform for the front-end development.

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