It is an object-oriented programming language to Java platform. It is a dynamic language like Python, Ruby, Perl, and Smalltalk. It is a dynamic compiler to compiled Java Virtual Machine bytecode. Java libraries are supports to Groovy programs. Groovy is a simplified and flexible language. Java developers should learn Groovy language. Groovy is a first ASF ofTop-Level Project. These, are some of the points for Groovy Language who wants to gain information through Java Training in Chennai.

Improvements of Java 8

A new version of Java is Java 8. It has more updates to the Java programming, JVM.

Lambda expressions

Method references

Functional interfaces

Stream API

Default methods

Base64 Encode Decode

Static methods in interface

Optional class

Collectors class

ForEach() method

Parallel array sorting

Nashorn JavaScript Engine

Benefits of Groovy

It supports multiple Inheritances.

It supports operator overloading.

The script is very easy to write, with some improvements to the JDK library.

It supports the regular expressions.

It supports XML & JSON parsing.

Groovy supports Java 6 and above version.

Semicolons are optional.

Groovy Language: NewRoadmap

It is a dynamic language, has several improvements on its roadmap.

The upgrades of the Apache Groovy 2018 as follows:

Version 2.6 and 3.0, both will arrive in the year 2018.These versions are available in alpha releases. Groovy 2.6 supports Java 7 users and Groovy 3 supports Java 8 and 9 users, their capability will be same. It has made a Groovy course of high demand. There is more value among retailers for Groovy Language.

A Multi-Dimensional language for the Java

Apache Software Foundation Groovy is a very powerful, optionally typed and dynamic language. It is smoothly integrated with Java platform. Groovy is familiar and easy to learn. It provides the more application powerful features, with scripting capabilities. It is a runtime and compile-time meta-programming and functional programming.Also, It is a runtime and compile-time metaprogramming.The syntax is same as Java. Groovy semantics are different. Groovy supports Closures. Java Course in Chennai has wider knowledge imparting system.

IDE’s for Groovy:

Groovy supports many IDE’sand text editors.

Android Studio

Atom IDE





Visual Studio Code

Sublime Text 2, a cross-platform

Groovy is an open source like Apache Tomcat. Groovy can makes Java APIs. These scripts are fast and easy. Groovy works on window based editors. Know more about this concept through J2EE Training in Chennai.

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