Preparing for an interview is not easy nowadays. In this blog, we have bought few guide to Digital Marketing interview questions: Part 1. Digital Marketing Course in Chennai offers professional training that helps to become expert.

1. Define digital marketing?

Digital Marketing plays a mandatory role in online marketing. SEO, link building and SEM comes under digital marketing techniques.

2. How will you categorize the digital marketing strategies?

This can be categorized into two segments:

Outbound Marketing: Outbound marketing includes cold-calls, placing ads, emails through digital mediums.

Inbound Marketing: Inbound is a technique which helps digital content in e-books, social media, e-newsletter or webinars to raise the number of clicks on links.

3. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the content, organization and structure of your site. The duty of search engines is to index them correctly. SEO helps to enhance your search engine ranking.

4. What is a keyword in Digital Marketing and how is it important from the point of SEO?

In Digital Marketing Chennai “Keyword” is a term when a user enters into a search engine to gather specific information. In SEO case, page ranking is very crucial. The use of keywords reflects in your site ranking.

5. What are the key areas and the use of keywords to optimize the site ranking?

For superior ranking check whether Keywords are present in Website URL, Title, Meta tag, webpage content, keyword density in body text and in Headlines.

6. What is PPC or Pay Per Click advertising?

PPC is a technique to direct traffic to websites. It is also known as Cost Per Pay. Whenever the ad is clicked, the advertisers pay to the publisher.

7. Primary models for determining Pay-Per-Click

The primary models for determining PPC are

Bid based PPC: Here the advertisers engage with other advertisers in private auction by publishers.

Flat rate PPC: In this model, both the advertiser and the publisher agree to a fixed rate to pay for each click. Based on the network or website, the publisher has a rate card for PPC plan. The rate depends on the content which generally attracts people.

8. Define Google Adwords?

Adwords is a familiar PPC advertising system which works on Pay Per Click model. This platform authorizes business to create ads that appear on a search engine. Get to know more about Google Adwords from Digital Marketing Training in Chennai.

9. How should an effective PPC keyword be like?

An effective PPC keyword should be relevant, exhaustive, and expansive. The relevant lists the targeted keywords. Exhaustive should include “long tail of search and the last expansive is iterative, the keyword list should be constantly adapting and growing.

10. Approach for effective Pay Per Click campaigns

For an effective Pay Per Click campaign, the following should be done; add more PPC keyword, split ad groups, review costly PPC groups, refine landing page and add negative keywords.

11. What are the useful online marketing tools?

Listed below are the tools used in online marketing; Digital point keyword tracker, Keyword discovery, StumbleUpon, Crazy egg heat maps, SubmitExpress Link Popularity, Favicon generator, Google Analytics and XML Sitemap Generator.

12. What are on-page and off-page optimization?

On-page optimization: It directly deals with the structure and content of the website.

Off-page optimization: Off-page optimization boosts your search engine ranking by the supporting of external links.

13. What should one do to avoid the penalty?

To avoid penalty don’t link to any other site. It leads to bad page ranking. Stealing of images or text from other domains is strictly prohibited. Re-directly users to another page through refresh meta-tags are avoided.

14. What are the features of “bad links”?

The features of “bad links” are; when you take links from low page rank and low traffic, links from sites that are not indexed. This blog brings you a snapshot of about guide to digital marketing interview questions: Part 1. Take up Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

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