Why FITA Academy?


FITA Academy is a great place to acquire the in-depth knowledge in VMware course in Chennai due to the skillful faculties. The motive of our trainers is to aid the students to build their career.VM refers to Virtual Machines that offers numerous products like VMware Workstation, VMware Horizon Application Manager, VMware View and VMware vCloud Director.

All the latest technologies developed in the market will be discussed regularly apart from the curriculum in classroom, which enhances the confidence of our students. Thus, join our VMware Training in Chennai for your upliftment in life.

Course description

VMware is an US based company, which is into the field of cloud software and virtualization. The predominance of VMware in the market has been consistently increasing due to its cost effectiveness. Even though it is not among the top revenue generating technologies in the market still its need much necessary for various organizations.

VMware desktop version is more adaptable for Macintosh OS, Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating System.Virtualization will rise various features, which is necessary for any business to get succeed like agility, flexibility along with scalability. Hence, VMware Course in Chennai will be suitable for you if entering the IT sector is your aim.


  • Installing VMware vSphere Graphical User Interfaces
  • Configuring VMware ESXi
  • Working with Virtual Machines
  • Configuring the vCenter Server Appliance
  • Standard Virtual Switches
  • Accessing iSCSI Storage
  • Accessing IP Storage
  • Managing VMware vSphere VMFS
  • Using Templates and Clones
  • Modifying a Virtual Machine
  • Migrating Virtual Machines
  • Managing Virtual Machines
  • Managing vApps
  • Access Control
  • User Permissions
  • Resource Pools
  • Monitoring Virtual Machine Performance
  • Using Alarms
  • Using vSphere High Availability
  • Configuring VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance
  • vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler
  • VMware vSphere Update Manager
  • Installing VMware vCenter Server
  • FAQS

    Mention thetypes of virtualization available.

  • Storage Virtualization: this provides an abstraction layer for physical storage resources to manage and optimize in virtual deployment.
  • Server virtualization: it combines the physical server with multiple OS thatcan be run on a single server
  • Desktop Virtualization: it virtualizes the desktop for the reduction of cost.
  • Application Virtualization: it helps in increasing the mobility of applications, which allows the migration of VMs from a host.
  • Network Virtualization: it provides entire reproduction of physical network into a software
  • List the benefits of distributed switch.

  • Used forMonitoring
  • Central administration for a data center
  • Central provision
  • Mention the three port groups thatare configured in ESXi networking.

  • Virtual Machine Port Group
  • Service Console Port Group
  • VMKernel Port Group
  • List the notable files that are used for representing aVm.

  • vmxf
  • vmtx
  • vmx
  • vmdk
  • nvram
  • What do you infer from PSC?

    Platform Services Controller or PSC handles the security functions of an infrastructure was introduced with Version 6.

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