What is RPA?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. RPA is nothing but a software program which uses the virtual bots to run this process. These bots are used to automate the mundane, boring, clerical type of jobs performed by humans. These bots can do the jobs more effectively and efficiently than a human. The bots are nothing but programs hence they come with the low cost, error-free, and speedy and they don’t require any deep integration and complex coding for implementation. The organization uses these bots to eliminate low-value repetitive tasks done by humans. The initial investment to the RPA tool may be more but the same can be recovered within 4 to 5 years.

Different Tools with RPA

There are different tools available for Robotic Process Automation. The leaders in the industry are the Blue prism, UIPath, Automation Anywhere, OpenSpan, Work-fusion, and Pegasystems. Among them, Blue Prism has the highest market share since they are the forerunner in the industry. Hence companies ask their employees to take Blue Prism Training in Chennai. UIPath, Automation Anywhere and other tools, they have their own advantages and has their own applications. The deciding factor for which tool should be used is mainly dependent on the data, the types of tasks the tool has to perform, Interoperability and AI support

Applications of RPA

RPA tools are widely used across various sectors. Hence the Career Opportunities in these sectors are very much wider. RPA tools are used in Healthcare for Patient Billing, In HR for Hiring, Joining and Payroll processing, In Insurance for claims and Premium intimation, In telecom for Service Order Management and Reporting, Travel and Logistics for Ticket Booking, In Banking and Finance for Cards activation and Account Creation, Infrastructure, Supply Chain and Logistics sectors.

RPA training with FITA Academy

FITA Academy is the leading training institute in Chennai which offers very much practical oriented training classes. Training with FITA Academy opens you to a whole new world of RPA. The classes are handled by Corporate Working professionals who share their working experiences with the tool. For any training to get fulfilled, clearing the interview part and hands-on training is a must. FITA Academy provides interview questions for each and every topic. Live scenarios and how to handle them in the classes will be shared with students with complete practical implementation. FITA Academy offer individual attention to the students and the utmost care is taken to keep a very much satisfied student.

Career Opportunities

RPA tool is used by almost all the MNC’s. Some of the huge giants in the software industry like Cognizant, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Deloitte, Larsen and Turbo, Capegemini, Wipro, etc. uses RPA. These business processes can also be outsourcing jobs or within the organization for their own business process automation. Since RPA can be applied across the sectors, the career opportunities are also growing to a greater extent especially in the Logistics and Supply chain management sectors. In Banking and HR fields, the need for automation, make the professional go for RPA Courses in Chennai with FITA Academy.

Future Scope of RPA

RPA is the future technology and every company will be using this tool in the next few years. RPA is just the beginning of the Smart Process Automation which is yet to come. This will make the Business Process industry a more smart and efficient environment. Artificial Intelligence will completely rule the world in the future. RPA will evolve itself and it will integrate the concept of AI apart from being a mere rule-based technology.

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Program Overview

If getting into an automation industry is your aim, then joining our RPA Training in Chennai will definitely blossom your career. As this is not restricted to only professionals, rather it can be pursued by fresher’s who are having basic knowledge in programming.

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