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FITA Academy is the best hub for IOT training in Chennai. IOT expands to the Internet of Things. It refers to the network of devices, objects, vehicles and buildings that are connected together in a network and these devices collect and exchange data as well. Home-owners are looking out for smart homes and people that are physically challenged use voice-controlled features for safety and movement.

The data collected is a big and powerful resource that can be tapped into for various studies and other uses. This data is seen to have great value in the fields of business and marketing. Therefore, there exist a number of opportunities for IOT experts. As the technology is capable of improving productivity and enhancing efficiencies, it is the right time to subheading into earning this technology.

The IOT is transforming modern lives in a very powerful manner. Even our behaviour and habits are changing courtesy the IOT. The number of things in IOT is increasing by an incredible 30 per cent year-on-year. It is estimated that by the year 2022, there would be over 30 billion devices that will be connected together.

In this context, it is more important than ever for IT experts to become familiar with adopting this technology and this is where you can reach out to FITA Academy. We at FITA Academy offer the best IOT training in Chennai.

Why IOT training in FITA Academy Chennai

At FITA Academy, we introduce the advanced concepts and methodologies to design, develop, build and deploy the most modern IOT solutions, get through with the various modes of communication used, analyse and learn IOT-friendly applications, and master the physical layer protocols.

IOT Training - Prerequisites

The IOT Training in Chennai FITA Academy can be taken up by any professional who has a basic understanding of electronic circuit design, programming languages, microcontrollers, embedded systems and computer fundamentals.

Course Objectives – IOT Training

  • Expert-level knowledge of IOT tools and technology
  • Clear understanding of basic concepts, different features and background technologies
  • Knowledge about microcontrollers, sensors, and communication devices
  • Knowledge and skills to build client-server systems, collect data, manage assets
  • Write and implement server-side scripts and apps enabling collection and analysis of data
  • Select suitable application layer protocols
  • Understand cloud infrastructure, APIs and services

Detailed Curriculum

What is IOT

  • Introduction - Internet of Things
  • Concepts & Definitions of IOT
  • IOT - History
  • Applications of IOT
  • IOT - Standards
  • Requirements for IOT
  • Functionalists & Structure

IoT - Enabling Technologies

IoT Architecture

IoT - Major Components

  • Hardware
  • Sensors
  • SoC
  • Firmware
  • Device drivers
  • Application software
  • Connectivity
  • Cloud


  • Role of wired and wireless communication
  • IoT -Communication & networking protocols
  • IoT Services & applications
  • Big data & analytics
  • Security
  • Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things
  • Semantic Web 3.0 Standard (M2M & IoT)
  • IOT Platforms
  • Challenges of adapting the concepts

IOT Technologies & Connectivity Methods

  • Wireless 101
  • RF 101
  • ZigBee PRO, ZigBee 3.0 &ZigBee IP
  • RFID
  • 6LowPAN
  • Bluetooth LE / Bluetooth Smart Technology
  • Z-Wave
  • Home Automation (HA) Profile
  • Smart Energy (SE) Profile
  • Healthcare
  • IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4e, 802.11ah
  • 802.11ah, Wi-Fi HaLow
  • Relay Access Point (AP)
  • Stations& Grouping
  • Target Wake Time (TWT)
  • Speed Frame Exchange
  • Sectorization
  • GSM, GPRS, CDMA, LTE, 3G, small cells, SATCOM
  • Sensors & sensor networks
  • Serial communication
  • Power consumption & optimization
  • MIPI, M-PHY, SPMI,SuperSpeed USB Inter-Chip (SSIC), UniPro, BIF, Mobile PCIe (M-PCIe) & SPI
  • Wired connectivity
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • Ethernet/GigE
  • Real-time systems & embedded software
  • Big data& Data Analytics
  • Cloud computing &Storage
  • Augmented Reality (AR)

Evaluation of IOT

  • Platforms & Mobile integration
  • Deployment
  • Data Visualization
  • Social Networks Convergence
  • Value chain & Business models
  • User-centric cloud-based services
  • Analytical Hierarchy Process (Technology Selection)
  • End-to-end Security
  • IT systems and integration of IOT
  • Cost/benefit constraints
  • Compatibility (End-to-end)
  • Application Architecture
  • Lifecycle management
  • Real-time response &delay

We add more value to the course by allowing the students to work, design and deploy IOT solutions in the real-time world. As one of the best IOT Courses in Chennai, the one offered by FITA Academy has been recognized for is high quality as well as merit.

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FITA Academy – We are the #1 training institutes to offer 125+ Courses. We offer the best IoT Training in Chennai with the team of working professionals. Come to our branch and have an enquiry with us in Chennai. FITA Academy is located at three main areas of Chennai, Velachery, TNagar and OMR. People also search like,

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