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FITA Academy will be the correct choice for individuals who want to pursue their career in IT sector. Our trainers are friendly in nature and also capable of moulding the students in achieving their dreams. We have trained over 50,000+ students in various courses.

FITA Academy offers both regular and weekend batches for CCNA Course in Chennai , so students can choose the comfortable timing for the training. Hands-on experience will be given on every possible topic, which will enable the students to resolve any complex network in the real-time.

Course description

CCNA is a networking certificate provided by Cisco and adds as a crown to your resume. Networking is a field which has openings all over the world due to its importance in MNCs. Students will be getting basic and advanced level knowledge on routers, switches, hub and many other network-based elements.

Every student will be equal opportunity with respect to the placement training. The scope of networking is enormous in future due to its necessity in the market. So, taking up this certification will make you reach the sky and get a handsome amount as salary.


Differentiate Switch, Routers, and Hub

Switch - Switch is used in the creation of frame after receiving the signal. Switch plays a vital role in forwarding packets between LAN segments. It acts as packet control when data is sent at Data Link or Network layer of OSI model. And supports single broadcast and multiple collision domains.

Routers - It acts as a networking gateway device in forwarding data packets in a computer network. A router supports two broadcast domains. A router is connected by at least a single LAN with its IP address or with LAN or WAN.

Hub - If anything comes in the port of a hub then it forwards it to the others. It is cost-efficient and easy to handle. It has both a single collision domain and single broadcast.

How many different ways can data be transferred in CCNA?

  • Simplex
  • Half-duplex
  • Full-duplex
  • What is the role of the Data Link layer?

    The Data Link layer checks whether the messages are sent to the right device along with framing.

    What does LLC sublayer do in OSI model?

    LLC sublayer stands for Logical Link Control, which provides optional services to an application developer. It provides flow control to the Network layer by using stop/start codes and can also provide error correction.

    List the major states in a switch

  • Forwarding
  • Blocking
  • Disabled
  • Listening
  • Learning
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