Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai

Learn Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai by joining FITA Academy, the top institute in Chennai. Even though both Big Data and Hadoop go hand in hand there are some differences prevailing between them. But irrespective of this difference they share the same position with respect to growth in the market.

Why FITA Academy?

FITA Academy is a great place for anyone who aspires to rise high in their career. As we have the best professionals chosen from the industry for making our students capable of sustaining in any organization. Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai is gaining a firm hold amidst the youngsters.

Our trainers make every concept simple and easy to connect with real time examples. Thus, students will be getting proper industrial background exposure within the institute. We have flexible timings for students’ convenience. Hence, both weekday and weekend batches are scheduled as per the students' necessity.

Big Data Analytics Course in Chennai will fetch you the desired job. We have a separate team for placement assistance and training in order to make sure you never miss an interview. Our trainers are here to make you understand every concept through hands-on experience.

Course description

It is not easy to become a Big Data analyst in this competitive world filled with data. Hence, it is necessary to get the best out of available data that is in abundance. Moreover, many organizations are in search of talented Big data analyst for recruitment. The fundamental skills required in this sector are to have sufficient knowledge on business along with the recent updates in the Information Technology field. Big data is nothing but processing of complex data with the help of traditional processing systems. For instance, the social media is a vast network that produces a humongous amount of data on a daily basis that is analyzed and utilized in a proper manner for the development of much online business, which is one of the roles of students pursuing Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai.

Another known example is stock exchanges such as BSE and NYSE are capable of generating data in terabytes on a regular basis. It is indeed necessary o keep a track of these stuff in order to make your organization top the chart.

For whom?

Big Data Analytics Course in Chennai will be an awesome choice for you for a blissful future. This course is not defined only for students but also professionals from various other backgrounds such as:

  • ETL professionals
  • Java professionals
  • Test professionals
  • Data warehouse professionals
  • Project managers

Scope of Big Data Analytics Course

There are numerous courses popping-up over the last decade due to the evolution happening in technology. This is not a constraint to any particular field in an overall perspective there are vast options available in the market to kick-start your career. Hence, making it difficult to choose the best career for fresh graduates.

We have made some analysis based on various reports gathered from all over the world. According to a study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute, it is expected that US is about to experience a shortage of data scientists and analysts along with managers in order to make a certain decision with the usage of Big Data in the forthcoming year.

In addition, India is the only country with over 50% of the working population. Hence, US will definitely recruit youngsters from India in order to compensate this shortage. Thus, you must be ready in prior to grab this opportunity at the very first go. Hence, join Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai and get placed in any leading organization.

Other Cities

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Program Overview

FITA Academy – We are the #1 training institutes to offer 125+ Courses. We offer the best Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai with the team of working professionals. Come to our branch and have an enquiry with us in Chennai. FITA Academy is located at three main areas of Chennai, Velachery, TNagar and OMR. People also search like,

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