Why Angularjs Training in FITA Academy ?

Enrol for AngularJS Training in Chennai to enrich your skills and knowledge from FITA Academy :

  • With a team of dedicated knowledgeable professionals, we deliver in-depth subject-matter
  • Gain Angularjs architecture knowledge and coding with best real-time examples
  • Learn to develop dynamic model-driven forms
  • Understand how Angularjs is unique from traditional development frameworks
  • Course Objective:

    Students will:

  • Understand the design of single-page application and how AngularJS facilitates their development
  • Properly separate the model, view, and controller layers of application and implement them using AngularJS
  • Master AngularJS expressions, filters and scopes
  • Elegantly implement Ajax in your AngularJS application
  • Unit test and end to end your AngularJS application
  • Write AngularJS directives
  • Build AngularJS forms
  • Before taking the courses students should know the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is mandatory.
  • AngularJS Syllabus

    FITA Academy Angularjs Course in Chennai syllabus is designed by our IT experts.

  • Introduction to Angular 2
  • Angular Vs Angular 2
  • Advantages of Angular
  • Setting up the IDE for Angular 2 development
  • Difference between Angular and other JQuery Framework-Knockout, Backbone, Ember&Node
  • Common setup issues and dealing with it
  • Angular Framework and Architecture
  • Project Structure
  • Typescript Primer

  • JavaScript module System (ES6 Import / Export)
  • Working with Arrow functions in Angular
  • Mastering Classes and Interfaces
  • Working with Template Strings
  • Working with Decorators
  • Working with types
  • Mastering Components and Templates

  • Introduction to Component
  • Components types
  • How to break a design into components
  • Building a basic component
  • Bootstrapping Process
  • Templates and styles
  • Template syntax
  • The Component Class
  • Implementing multiple Components
  • Data Bindings

  • Working with Data Binding
  • Working with one-way and two-way data binding
  • Working with Event handling
  • Working with Error handling
  • Directives

  • Introduction to Directives
  • Learning Attribute Directives
  • Building a Custom Attribute Directive
  • Element Interaction with HostListener & HostBinding
  • HostListener: Passing Data
  • Directive Property Binding*ngIf – How to
  • *ngIf – How to usebuilt-in ngIf Directive
  • *ngFor -How to use the built-in ngFor Directive
  • ngSwitch -How to use the built-in ngSwitch Directive.
  • Building a Custom Structural Directive
  • Using NgModules
  • Services

  • What are Services?
  • Building Services
  • Implementing Dependency Injection

  • Introduction to Dependency Injection
  • Understanding the dependencies injection hierarchy
  • Creating reusable components
  • Creating reusable components
  • Implementing Dependency Injection to consume a component
  • Mastering Routes

  • Introduction to Routes
  • Associate components to paths
  • Implement Route path
  • Route with search value
  • Assignment
  • Implementing HTTP Request for get and Post Operations on Restful API

  • HTTP client overview
  • Fetching data with http.get
  • Implementing RxJS module for HTTP request and Responses
  • Mastering how to Process JSON data
  • Posting data with http.post
  • Promise vs. Observables
  • Implementing Test Environment in Angular

  • Installing and configuring Jasmine framework
  • Creating test cases
  • Executing
  • Course Duration

    The Duration of the Course is 40 – 45 hour; we will help you to work on real-time projects. Weekdays and Weekend Classes will be available for Angular Training.

    Future scope in Angular

    Angular has an unpredictable future in which the scope is increasing as well. Angular 2 Training is very simple. It was designed from the ground-up for mobile. The main building blocks of Angular 2 Training in Chennai are Router, Data-binding, Templates and Dependency Injection.

    Get the best experts guidance for Angular 5 Training in Chennai from FITA Academy !! These technical concepts cover the core concepts of Angular 2 and 4. FITA Academy is a good place to groom your knowledge. Enroll with us for Angular 2 Training!!

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    FITA Academy – We are the #1 training institutes to offer 125+ Courses. We offer the best AngularJS Training in Chennai with the team of working professionals. Come to our branch and have an enquiry with us in Chennai. FITA Academy is located at three main areas of Chennai, Velachery, TNagar and OMR. People also search like,

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