Amazon is holding the largest market share when compared to Google and Microsoft in the cloud computing market globally. What makes the difference and how the cloud services differ from company to company? It is predicted that AWS will reach the highest volume of $43B in revenue in the year 2022. Microsoft Azure and Google application engine is a good player in the PAAS platform and SAAS platform whereas Amazon is a good player in the IAAS platform. The flexibility of using any operating system, remote access to multiple branches of the business, security, speed network, easy deployment, cloud service without a server, free storage products and the cost reduction are some of the points which shows that cloud is dominating the software industry. The areas of interest differ from person to person in the software industry like programming, networking, testing, designing, and marketing. Whatever is the area of interest has become mandatory to know any one of the cloud technology to work in the big companies. The latest trend is learning core technology with the cloud technology and learning cloud technology opens the door to multiple vacancies. Join the Cloud Computing Training in Chennai to enlighten your skills as per the latest technology in the IT industry. Google, Microsoft and Facebook use the cloud container Linux and in the year 2020 around 90 percent of the organizations are expected to use the cloud technology.

Why is cloud technology called as the leader in the software industry?

For entry-level jobs in the software industry knowledge of the core technology is enough whereas for top-level management jobs in the software industry it has become mandatory to know the cloud technology. Let me see some valid reasons why the cloud is escalating to the top in the software industry. There are so many best institutes where they provide the best Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai.

Free Cloud service:

Free storage products like Dropbox-2GB, Mega-50GB, Degoo-100GB, Google drive-15GB, Yandex-disk-10 GB, oneDrive-5GB, Apple iCloud-5GB, Zoolz-100GB, Box-10GB. Google offers free storage of photos. Amazon also offers free cloud storage of photos for its Amazon Prime member. Cloud Computing Training prepares the professionals for the Cloud Eco-system or Cloud environment.

Cloud service without the server:

Infrastructure is of two types they are application infrastructure and user interface infrastructure. API is an application programming interface whereas GUI is the graphical user interface. When creating an application the application coding and the infrastructure coding both are created in the usual case. In the case of cloud technology without a server, it is API is created and the other issues like broken code, memory and security are taken care of by the cloud technology. Some of the examples for the cloud technology without server are removing nodes from configuration management {Chef}, the New relic which is used for the application management, and anti-virus products like Nessus or Bitdefender. Cloud without a server is used for the application management, configuration management, and for anti-virus etc. For Amazon Alexa which works on voice-based recognition to the application also works on the server-less model of cloud technology. Some of the frameworks which work without server are AWS lambda, chalice, Zappa, and python-Alexa. Join the Cloud Training in Chennai to get a job in the MNC companies.

What is the future of Cloud computing?

1. IOT will bring in more security through sensors and the cloud function.

2. Blockchain will be the major technology with the huge usage of cloud technology.

3. Quantum computing which focuses mainly on the speed of the network will be on demand. To manage the blockchain technology the computing power and electricity is needed which can be derived from quantum computing.

4. The machine learning and the algorithms in the cloud computing enhance the quality of the products. The website down problem or data theft problem will be resolved by the machine learning technology in Cloud computing. This will satisfy the end user with high quality.


Hadoop, data science, IOT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, sales force CRM are some of the products from the giant industry called cloud computing. In Japan, robots are taking care of the customer service department in a hospital with the help of IOT technology. The algorithm set-up, the network connectivity and the artificial intelligence through IOT made this possible. So, Cloud technology is going to initialize so many changes and bringing in the advancement in many sectors.

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