In USA windows market share is 39.5 percent, IOS market share is 25.7 percent and Android market share is 21.2 percent. In Europe, the market share for Windows is 51.7. In the case of Asia the market share stood as an android with 52.2 percent, and windows with 29.2 percent. The battlefield for the desktop and mobile moved the windows company to introduce new products with Artificial intelligence and voice-based products. Android Training is the best training to become an expert in the Android Development.

Inter-communication between the Android Apps:

App behaviour and security of data is a big question mark for the android users. The USA is educating the young world about the security threat through the android apps. Education is a two-fold one is about the knowledge and the other is the ways to tackle the common problems faced by the common man. Android Course in Chennai conducts the course with flexible timings to educate the students from multiple age groups.

Benefits of using the Android phones:

1. More choice of phones for the users.

2. The battery and storage in the Android phone are removable.

3. Android uses the micro USB connection for it chargers.

4. The hardware of Android is fast and the RAM comes with different options and the screen resolution is also good.

6. Android is the wireless device which can communicate with many other devices. Android works as a TV remote to operate the remote devices.

7. There are a huge number of apps designed for the android phones. These apps are purchased in the play store or Amazon.

8. Android phones use all the Google services through the cloud.

The best Android apps with cloud technology as of 2018:

Dropbox, Google drive, MEGA, IDrive, Microsoft one Drive, Box, and Amazon Drive are the android apps with cloud services. Amazon drive helps to access the files through the cloud storage. Those who have Amazon prime will get 5GB free storage and can upgrade to unlimited storage with $60 per year. Box provides 10 GB free storage whereas 100 GB storage is $10 per month. In the Google Drive app, 15 GB is free and 100 GB is $199 per month. After the Android Training Chennai, the incumbent understands the benefits of the Android development.

Mega offers free storage for the 50 GB data. I Drive can be accessed through the app, desktop, and the web. IDrive is perfect to back up the data like contacts, calendars, health data or photos. Microsoft one drive is connected through the Android and the iOS phones. Microsoft one drive is similar to the Google drive.


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