Data analysis with Excel, data analysis with R course, data analyst with SAS course, data analysis with apache spark course, and data analysis with market risk analytics and modeling course are the major division of the wide range of course in big data analysis. Let me discuss these certifications in detail and here are the benefits of big data certification in different universities. Join Big Data Training in Chennai to become a successful software engineer. Big data is used in the retail sector, banking and finance, manufacturing, health and care, store index and search data, machine translation, language modeling, image processing, queries on large RDF graphs, assembles web publishers summaries, process daily newspaper and historical archives, used for high-speed data mining applications, used for solving large-scale alignment problems, and used for generate reports for a large mobile web site.

Details of Big data analytics certification:

The analytics optimizing big data certificate is an undergraduate level program designed for the experienced professional and small business owners. The analytics job comprises statistical analysis, written communication and oral communication. Communication skills are mandatory to become an expert in analytics. Learn the latest updates of Hadoop via Hadoop Training in Chennai. It provides knowledge about analyzing big data sets and graphical representation of the data to get the desired result. This course is offered by the University of Delaware. Knowledge of statistics is the pre requisition of this course. If your focus is towards the R language, machine learning, and optimization then CPEE is the best course. International school of analytics conducts this course with an entrance exam for those with relevant experience.

Certification of professional achievement in data sciences is a non-degree program for the data science skills. This program provides the knowledge of algorithm, statistics, machine learning, data analysis and visualization. CAP is the general analytics certificate that gives the knowledge of CAP exam and CAP code of ethics. Cloudera certified associate administrator certificate provides the core systems and cluster administrator skills to the students. CCA-data analyst provides the details of the core analyst skills to load, transform the data, and extract the results from the data. This course exam is conducted at 12 performance-based task which is explained with practical scenario and tool such as impala or hive. Big Data Training provides in-depth knowledge about the big data course. CCP-data engineer is the course with syllabus regarding the ingest, transform, store and analyze data in CDH environment. This course is also offered by the Cloudera.

EMCDSA certification says about the individual participation on a big data projects. Big data Hadoop Training in Chennai is the best course to get the dream job. IBM certified data architect and IBM certified data engineer are the courses from IBM. MCSE is the certification from Microsoft for the data management and analytics. Master level, techniques, algorithms, and social network graphs are four types of massive data sets. This certificate is from the Stanford center for professional development. Mongo DB, Oracle and SAS are the other companies offering the big data certification.


Data always comes in different Volume, velocity, and varieties. So, big data is used to save the time, money, develop the product, understand the market conditions, and analyze the online competitions. Manage your data with the support of big data. Pick one of the above certification courses and equip yourself for the future jobs.

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