Apache Hadoop is open-source software framework. It is a large number of data sets across groups of systems using simple programming models. It is developed to scale up from one server to multiple machines. Hadoop framework has four modules Hadoop Common, Hadoop YARN, Hadoop Distributed File System, Hadoop MapReduce. Hadoop includes Big Data, MapReduce algorithm, and Hadoop Distributed File System. The more you learn through Hadoop Training in Chennai , the more knowledge you can explore.

Hadoop MapReduce

Hadoop MapReduce is a YARN-based system with a big amount of data set. Hadoop MapReduce is a framework for writing a simple application which processes a large amount of data in parallel on a big amount of groups in hardware in a fault-tolerant and reliable manner.

Hadoop MapReduce has two different tasks follow:

Map Task:

The process of Map Task is to convert input data into a set of data, where separate elements are run-down into key-value pairs.

Reduce Task:

It can change the output of a map task would be changed into the smaller set of key-value pairs. The reduce task will carry out after the map task.

Apache Hadoop software framework allows the user to easily write and test distributed systems. Dynamically Hadoop will add and remove from the servers without interruption. Hadoop supports all the platforms and it is a Java platform. Hadoop Training Chennai has wider knowledge imparting system.

Big Data Comes Under

Big Data is a large number of datasets. It cannot be processed with the older technologies. Big data involves various frameworks, tools, and techniques. Big data has the different applications and different devices.

Black Box Data:

Black Box Data is a component of jets, aeroplanes, and helicopters. It records the voice from the jets, aeroplanes, and helicopters. Mostly the Black Box Data components are used in aircraft.

Social Media Data:

Social Media data is used on Facebook and Twitter; it records the information and views posted by thousands of people.

Stock Exchange Data:

Stock Exchange Data can decide ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ conclusion made by different companies made by the customers.

Power Grid Data:

Power Grid Data saves the particular node base station information.

Transport Data:

Transport Data has all information about the vehicles like distance, model, capability, and availability.

Search Engine Data:

Search Engine Data can take a big amount of data from the various databases.

Big Data is a very important technology in our modern life. It has made Big Data Training in Chennai a course of high demand. There is more value among retailers for Big Data.

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