Android was developed by Andy Rubin. It is growing day by day and the interview questions asked are more complicated. Here are a few Android interview questions: Part 1. FITA Academy provides Android Training in Chennai. Linux 3.6 is the customized kernel used in Android.

Define Android

Android is a Linux-based operating system used for tablets, mobiles, televisions etc. It is an open source designed primarily for smartphones.

Android Codenames

Blender, Gingerbread, Lollipop, Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, KitKat, Aestro, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Froyo, Marshmallow are some of the code names of Android.

Advantages of Android

  • It is Platform-independent which supports Mac, Windows and Linux platforms
  • Since it is an open-source it doesn’t have any licence, development fee and distribution
  • Android supports various technologies like Bluetooth, EDGE, WIFI, camera, speech etc.
  • It is a highly optimized virtual machine for phone devices, which is also known as DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine)
  • Does Android support other programming languages?

    The answer is yes. It is developed by C/C++ by using Android NDK (Native Development Kit). Android Training teaches you to make the performance faster and can be used with Android SDK.

    Explain the Architecture of Android application

    The components of Architecture of Android application are as follows:

  • Content Providers: It shares the data between applications
  • Intent: It is used to perform the interconnection between activities and the data passing mechanism
  • Services: Used to perform background functionalities
  • Resource Externalization: graphics and strings
  • Notification: sound, light, notification, icon, toast and dialog box
  • Define the core building blocks of Android?

    The core building blocks in Android are Activity, View, Intent, Service, Content Provider and Fragment.

    Define activity?

    An activity is like a window or frame that represents GUI which represents one screen of Android.

    Define intent?

    The intent is an information or message which is passes to components. It is used to display a webpage, launch an activity, send SMS email etc. The two types of Android intents are Implicit Intent which is used to invoke system components and Explicit Intent for active classes.

    Android activity Life cycle methods

    The 7 life-cycle methods of activity are onRestart(), onCreate(),onResume(),onStart(), onPause(), onStop(),onDestroy().

    Define service in Android?

    A service is defined as a component running in the background which is used in music, network transaction etc.

    Define the name of the database used in Android?

    SQLite which is an open source and lightweight relational database is the database used by Android for mobile devices.

    Define AAPT?

    Android Asset Packaging Tool (AAPT) is used for handling the packaging process.

    What is meant by content provider?

    In Android application content providers are used to share information.

    Define fragment?

    The fragment is a part of Activity in which we can present more screens.

    Define ADB?

    Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a command line tool used to communicate with the emulator instance. Learn more about Android Course in Chennai.

    Define NDK?

    Native Development Kit (NDK) is used by NDK, to develop a part of an application using native languages like C/C++ to enhance the performance.

    Define ANR?

    Application Not Responding (ANR) is a dialog box which appears even if the application is no longer responding.

    Define Google Android SDK?

    The Google Android SDK is a toolset. This is used by developers to write applications on Android-enabled devices. It contains a graphical interface that matches the Android-driven environment which allows them to debug and test their codes.

    What is the name of the language supported by Android to develop an application?

    Applications in Android are written by using the C/C++ (Android NDK) and Java (Android SDK).

    Define APK format?

    Android Packaging Key (APK) is a compressed key with UI's, classes, manifest and supportive assets in which all are compressed as a single file.

    Define ADT in Android?

    Android Development Tool (ADT) which is used for developing and testing the applications.

    Define View Group in Android?

    View Group is an invisible and base class for all layouts and a gathering of views and other child views.

    Define Adapter in Android?

    An adapter in Android is used to generate a child view to present the parent view.

    Define nine-patch images tool in Android?

    Bitmap images can be changed in nine sections in Android as four edges, four corners and an axis.

    Define Application Widgets in Android?

    It is a miniature application view embedded in other applications which receive periodic updates.

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