PHP has a solid increase in the performance of memory usage. This has improved it with natural results for IoT solutions too. Each PHP framework has its advantages and disadvantages available in the PHP development. To develop faster application the frameworks plays an important role. This helps to combine your code even better. PHP is a booming technology. In this blog, we have given some advanced PHP interview questions: SET 1. Get more about the course in PHP Training in Chennai.

What is the use of the magic function in PHP?

In object-oriented programming, PHP delivers a number of ‘magic’ methods which allows you to do few pretty tricks. When certain conditions meet, these conditions are automatically identified by two underscore prefix (_) functions as interceptors.

What is encapsulation in PHP?

Wrapping up of data is known as encapsulation in OOPS concept. By providing getter or setter method you can make class write-only or read-only, this is the next advantage of encapsulation.

What is boolean in PHP?

A Boolean is defined as the value which contains either of two states. These are known as False or True in programming, where True has the value 1 and False is zero.

What is the use of an anonymous function in PHP?

Anonymous functions allow the construction of functions with no specified name. These are also known as closures. The value of callback parameters is most useful. Closure class helps anonymous functions to be implemented.

What is a lambda function in PHP?

A lambda function is an anonymous PHP function can be stored as a variable and passed as an argument for other methods or functions. Lambda function is a closure that has knowledge about its surrounding context. PHP Training Chennai brings you the best among courses.

What is meant by polymorphism in PHP?

In PHP is a long word for every simple concept. It defines the pattern in OOP have different functionality in which classes have a common interface.

What is overriding in PHP?

A function having different parameters with similar signatures is called as overloading. Overriding is a pertinent to derived classes in which derived class wishes to override a method and parent class defines a method. You can overload methods in PHP using magic method_call.

What is the use of return in PHP?

In PHP 4, 5,7 return program controls the calling module. Following the module’s invocation, the execution resumes at the expression. If it is called within a function the statement immediately ends execution.

What is the use of print_r function in PHP?

print_r(): The array is printed in human-readable format. printf is a function which contains on string and format style. print returns 1 while echo returns void.

What is the use of die in PHP?

The die() function exits the current script and prints a message. This is an alias of the exit() function.

Get through this blog and learn about the Advanced PHP interview questions: SET 1. Learn PHP Course in Chennai from FITA Academy. PHP is one the widely used scripting language.

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