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Students who are trained here will get complete guidance for placement along with the course training. We have signed up with 550+ companies for the benefit of our students.Our prime focus is to share the complete knowledge to our students for the accomplishment of their career in the right direction. Thus, enroll yourself into our Machine Learning Course in Chennai without any delay.

Course description

The next biggest revolution in the industry is to be due to machine learning along with data science. Thus, companies are fishing expedition for candidates with knowledge in Machine Learning Course. There are many roles, which can bechosen by the candidates after the completion of Machine Learning Course in Chennai and some are listed below:

Machine Learning Engineer– They should focus on various programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, C++ and Java.

Data Engineers–They are accountable for the overall organizations big data.

Data Analyst – They should have knowledge of storage and retrieval along with data warehousing with the usage of ETL tools.

Data Scientists- They are specialists inPython, R, SAS, SQL,Hive, MatLab, Pig, and Spark along with the various analytical tools used in Big data technologies.



Define Machine learning.

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence,which enables the system to function automatically without any intervention from humans. Mention the various algorithm techniques available in Machine Learning.

  • Semi-supervised Learning
  • Transduction
  • Supervised Learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Differentiate between KNN and k-means clustering.

    K-Nearest is a part of supervised classification algorithm, at the same time k-means clustering belongs to unsupervised clustering algorithm.

    However,the mechanisms look similar but the major difference is considered as the requirement of labeled points in KNN.

    How can be corrupted data handled?

    It is usual to find corrupted data and this can be replaced with another value. There are two methods prevailing in Pandas:

  • isnull()
  • dropna()
  • How is deep learning different from machine learning?

    Deep learning is a part of machine learning, which has troubles from neural networks: how to use back propagation and certain principles from neuroscience to more accurately model large sets of unlabelled or semi-structured data. In that sense, deep learning represents an unsupervised learning algorithm that learns representations of data through the use of neural nets.

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